Business owners are facing unique challenges right now!  

In times like these—where the stakes are high and everything is rapidly changing, it is hard to know exactly what to do. Although some businesses are hit harder than others, practically everyone is feeling the strain one way or another.

This is especially true for small businesses, sole props&entrepreneurs, who have to manage their business and care for their employees as well as themselves, their families, and their communities. ABC provides Business Essential services to help PROTECT your business against pandemics, wars, and public health issues as they arise.

So, what are Business Essentials?  Business essentials includes all elements that contribute to the success or failure of a business on a daily, monthly, weekly, or yearly basis. Some of the most common Business Essentials elements are: 

•    Accounting-Company’s financials
•    Bookkeeping-Transaction & Account Reconciliation
•    Human Resource Management- Employee Benefits/Payroll
•    Sales & Marketing- Revenue generated
•    Operations Management Infrastructure- organization & systems
•    Business Continuity Plans- disaster recovery sites, systems, & processes
•    Legal Business Ethics 
•    Public Health/Corporate Citizenship
•    Business Identity Protection- Business identity theft involves the actual impersonation of the business itself.Business identity theft is not an information security breach.

Business Essential Consulting with us means letting us help you to create, manage, and execute your business plans while you focus on your products/services. As your Business Essential Consultant, it is our job to arm you with the right strategies and approaches for internal & external growth. 

 In fact, we provide a unique business strategy that is suitable to any business. We also help in assessing the cost of your business’s essential needs. We believe in prioritizing our client’s needs and business goals while designing a business plan during the Business Essential consultation process. Most of the time, a business fails because it does not reach the appropriate market. No matter how good your product is, if it does not reach the right customers then it will eventually fail while costing you time and money. 

Developing these systems allows the business to grow beyond the business owner’s personal efforts by creating a fully functioning middle-management layer; often resulting in 30% to 50% growth. These systems also make the business less dependent on the owner’s personal efforts allowing more freedom and flexibility for the owner now and a higher valuation of the business later.

We're here to help, with Busines Essential Tools.

We have one question,

"Who's in your Business Essential Huddle?